Edsouth Designs Loan Program for Engineering Students


Jacksonville, FL – Building on the success of the Florida Edloan for teachers and nurses, Edsouth, a regional nonprofit student loan secondary market, has designed a discounted Stafford loan for Florida students pursuing degrees in biomedical technology and computer engineering. The Florida Techloan features a 2% discount on Stafford loans during repayment – that means a 1.37% interest rate for eligible undergraduate students at approved schools throughout Florida.

The Techloan program is intended to expand access to undergraduate or graduate technology degree programs, specifically in the areas of computer engineering and biomedical engineering, which ultimately will increase the number of graduates qualified to work in Florida's growing technology industry.

"The Florida Edloan program has proven itself an excellent tool in support of our state's commitment to ensure affordable education for teachers and nurses," says Governor Jeb Bush. "With its new focus on technology-based lending, the Florida Techloan program will help do the same for those students interested in careers in computer, biomedical engineering and related technologies. As Florida works to diversify its economy, in part through fostering emerging technologies and cutting edge innovation, Edsouth joins us to prepare a well educated, highly trained workforce to support these key industries."

"Edsouth is dedicated to making higher education accessible and affordable," says Tony Hollin, chairman & CEO. "The economic dynamics in Florida contribute to an increased demand for technically skilled workers. Governor Bush is supporting the growth of the technology industry in Florida, and that's why we're offering specially discounted loans for Florida's engineering students."

In order to alleviate the chronic shortage of nurses and teachers, Edsouth pioneered the Edloan program for use specifically in Florida. The first program of its kind in the state, the Edloan is designed to enhance the recruitment and retention of skilled healthcare providers and K-12 teachers.

More information about the Florida Techloan program and other education loan programs is available online at www.edsouth.org.

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