About Edsouth

Edsouth is a nonprofit, public benefit corporation organized for the purpose of acquiring postsecondary education loans under Title IV of the federal Higher Education Act of 1965.

Edsouth believes in investing in our community, and we know that the younger generations are our greatest asset. That's why we are dedicated to promoting interest and awareness of higher education opportunities and financial literacy for the communities we serve in Tennessee.

On a national level, we offer eCampusTours.com, which features 360-degree virtual campus tours of more than 1,300 colleges and universities nationwide, along with informative articles about college admissions, campus life, financial aid, and career planning.

To increase financial literacy among students in Tennessee, we have also partnered with leading personal finance companies, EverFi and Ramsey Solutions. In partnership with EverFi, the Edsouth Financial Scholars Program for high school students and the Edsouth Tennessee Board of Regents Financial Wellness Sponsorship for college students use the latest media technology to empower students in our communities with the knowledge and skills they need to take control of their financial future. In partnership with Ramsey Solutions, our Foundations in Personal Finance Pilot Program for middle school students uses a comprehensive curriculum designed to provide students with basic financial principles. These programs are provided to students at no cost to the schools or taxpayers.

To expand access to higher education for qualified postsecondary students in Tennessee, we offer the Volunteer State Student Assistance Scholarship. Over the years, millions of dollars in scholarship money have been awarded to outstanding students through this program.

For investors

Investors in Edsouth bonds may access portfolio performance information.